Whole Pastured Pork Share


Feel secure knowing you can feed your family healthy, delicious pork from animals that were lovingly cared for.


You’ll have plenty of options to create meals for your family, and all it takes is a trip to your freezer.


Maybe now, you’ll get excited to meal plan like you’ve been hoping with all your great options!

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Whole Pastured Pork Share ~ 140lbs

Here’s what you’ll get:

12 – 1 lb pkg bacon

20 – 1 lb pkgs sausage

24 – pkgs pork chops with 2 chops each

8 – pkgs shoulder steak with 2 steaks

4- pork roasts

8 – ham or ham steaks

2 – spare ribs

4 – pkgs Lard

Boxes may vary slightly based on availability and individual weights of pork chop, steak, roast and ham packages.

Our pigs live their entire life outdoors, eating Non-GMO grain on organic pastures & hay or large paddocks, they all receive plenty of belly rubs.

We will deliver* your share to your door usually the second weekend of each month. You will be notified of the exact delivery date.

*** Delivery available in Oregon and Boise, ID area ONLY. ***

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Weight 140 lbs


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