Welcome to Rural Roots Ranch!

We all want great tasting meat! Life shouldn’t get in the way.

I dread those quick trips to the grocery store after work to pick something up for dinner.

I know it’s not the best option, but one more stop off at the farmers market just seems exhausting.

We can help! We deliver healthy, fresh, pastured meats to your door.

That means you can spend more time at home relaxing and less worrying about what your are feeding your family.

Our family loves to provide the same nourishing food we enjoy from animals that lived happy lives on our pastures.

We’re so glad you stopped by!


INCLUDING: Instant Pot Pulled Pork Nachos

Get the gang together for an evening of games! Prepare a few of these GAME NIGHT GRUB recipes to keep your friends fueled for when the competition gets fierce.

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