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We’ve all been there, staring at the less than appealing options, if any, in the meat section of the grocery store.  You pick up a package, examining it and wonder, what’s in this? Is it supposed to be that color? This can’t be good for me!

Exhausted from work, you grab a package that looks halfway edible, get home, get dinner on the table and are finally able to relax. 

We understand that finding farm fresh meat can be difficult, and while we may not be able to eliminate your trips to the grocery store, we can help to make them a bit less frustrating and disappointing. 

Our pastured pork, chicken or beef, delivered to you, provides you with a variety of great tasting options simply by opening the freezer.

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Here on the high desert of rural southeastern Oregon, our concerns about what we’re feeding our family are no different than yours!

In 2018, we returned to our roots after 22 years serving in the military. Not only did we long for a more traditional way of life and to be near family, but to eat food that is fresh, delicious and healthy.

With the help of our six kids, from our toddler to our teenagers, we raise pastured pork, poultry, eggs and grass-finished beef.

Become part of our farm family!

Let us share with you the same mouth-watering, nutritious meat that our family enjoys.

Our critters live out their lives outdoors, grazing our pastures and soaking up the sunshine as nature intended.

We make it easy for you by delivering to your door or pick-up your order at one of our conveniently scheduled drop sites near you.

When we are not busy farming or chasing kids, we love to visit about our ranch and products.

Send me a text 541-589-4674 or a message, I’d love to hear from you!

Christy and the Keerins Family

The Keerins Family

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