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Today my eldest son turns 12!  One of the traditions I’ve carried on from my mother when I was a kid is making unique cakes for our birthday.  My mother is very good at decorating cakes and taught me well.  She made my siblings and I’s wedding cakes and was even commissioned by a few family friends to make theirs.

My son’s favorite place to eat out is Subway.  Thus this year, he wanted a cake that looked like a Subway sandwich.  I struggled a bit with this one. Not because the design was difficult, but the cake was very moist and didn’t want to stay together.  Sometimes the cakes take me a couple days prep to make them and others, like this one, are put together in an hour.

So first, I baked two cake mixes in a 11×13 inch rectangular baking pan. I put parchment paper on the bottom of the pan to make removal of the cake from the pan much easier.

Once the cake was cooled, I cut it in half lengthwise.  Then on one of the halves, I cut the top edges at 45 degrees to make it appear more like the top of the foot-long sandwiches.

Usually, I do a quick crumb layer (a thin layer of frosting) on the cake to hold all the crumbs in and make a base for decorating.  But this cake kept falling apart, so I just put on my large Basketweave Cake Icer Tip #789.  This made the job much simpler.  Dipping my icing spatula in hot water, I smoothed out my seams.

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After the sides of the bottom were frosted, I used a couple different basket weave tips to make the lettuce, meat, and cheese.  My son likes his sandwiches pretty plain and didn’t want all the goodies on his cake either.  🙂  Since you can only see the sandwich fixings from the sides, I only decorated the top edges of the cake.

Next, the top was set on and then frosted with the large Basketweave Cake Icer Tip also.  Does it look like a sandwich?


I’ve included a few of my favorites from over the years for you to enjoy!  I’ve made a couple with fondant figures, but I really don’t like the taste of fondant, so  I try to avoid it.

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