How it Works

Interested in providing your family with lean, healthy and delicious meats? Looking to save a little money in the process? Buy in bulk! Here’s how it works!


Purchase A Share

Reserve your share by placing a deposit.


Fill Out Cut Sheet

A Cut Sheet will then be emailed to you to customize how you would like your pork or beef cut & packaged. We are happy to help with your selection or choose Butchers’ Choice.


Make Final Payment

Prior to delivery, we will email you an invoice for the final payment.


Prepare for Delivery

Have you made space in your freezer? Do you have a cooler on the porch if you’re not home?

How Much Meat will I get?

How Much Freezer Space Do I Need?

To store a whole hog (125-145 lbs.), you will need about 6-7 cu. ft. of freezer space. Thus to store a half hog (60-70), you will need 3-4 cu. ft. of freezer space.

Measuring your freezer

If you do not know the size of your freezer or how much space you have available, follow the steps below to calculate it:

  • Remove all the items from within the freezer, or move to the side to take measurements.
  • Measure the height of the freezer from the bottom to the highest point it can be filled without obstructing the lid for a chest freezer, or to the top for an upright freezer. Record the number using feet as a measurement. For example, 2 feet 6 inches is written as 2.5 feet. Every 3 inches equals 0.25 additional feet, ie. 9 inches equals 0.75 feet.
  • Measure the interior width of the freezer from one inner wall across to the other. Record the number as well, in feet.
  • Measure the interior of the freezer from front inside wall, or door for an upright freezer, to back inside wall. Record this measurement in feet.
  • Multiply the three numbers together to determine how many cubic feet are available to fill with pastured pork.

Cuts of a Hog

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