Happiness and Life in a Box

Happiness and life arrived at our house this morning with a phone call at 6:55 am!  Cute little fuzzy chicks from McMurray Hatchery. These little gals and a couple guys will start our laying flock next spring.

Unfortunately, we had several pass away due to cold weather arriving a little earlier than anticipated.  But those that are alive are peppy and eating and drinking well.  We’ve always had a good outcome with McMurray.  We’ve tried some closer/smaller hatchery’s with not very good success. McMurray usually replaces the chicks or will credit/refund us for the lost chicks, as they are in this case.

It will be fun to see what these little gals grow into.  We ordered White, Brown, and Silver Leghorns; Blue Andalusians; Black Stars and Araucanas.

Enjoy the cuteness!


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