Wheelbarrow to Sleigh

One of my creative outlets is designing book covers for eBook and print books.  It also helps to bring in a little spending money.  Several years ago, I took a photography course by Amy Earle.  In the class, she also gave us an intro to Photoshop Elements.  Thus, began my playing with family pictures.  A family member asked me to try a hand at creating covers for her books and I did.  And so it began!

Probably the most difficult  and time consuming aspect of designing covers is finding images similar to what you are looking for to manipulate.  When this happens and when possible, I recruit family or friends to pose.  🙂

This week, the cover I’m designing is for a mystery where they find a dead man in a sleigh pulled by a dog.  Try finding a dead man in a sleigh on a stock images website.  Ha!  I had no luck.  So!  I dressed my eldest son up in the required clothing for the scene, and had him lay in a wheelbarrow.  The wheelbarrow was the closet shape I could find similar to the sleigh the author was wanting on their cover.

Son in wheelbarrow
Sleigh image courtesy of Canstockphoto.com

Above is the sleigh, I had to put him in.


What do you think?

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