A Chicken and Its Egg

Last Fall, we received several chicks in the mail. It happened to turn cold earlier then we had expected and only half of them survived the trip.

This Spring, the 15 pullets starting laying.  Our leghorns were the first to lay, then the Easter Eggers, followed by the Black Stars.  And surprisingly our Blue Andalusian is laying almost daily.  I put her in the order because I liked her coloring and thought the kids might want to show her for 4-H.  Her breed is not noted for being good layers, they are more of an ornamental chicken.

Last of all is our always reliable Cinnamon Queen.  This lady laid large brown eggs all through winter with rarely a day off!  Several of her companions made it to our soup pot and the Speckled Sussex’s will be joining them this weekend.  We had hoped they would start laying but have so far only received approximately an egg a day from the six of them.

It’s always exciting to walk out to the coop and see what colors of eggs will appear. I thought you might be curious as well.

EggsChicken & Egg

And you can’t forget to include our handsome rooster.  The kids named him Brewster. He is a Brown Leghorn.

Brewster the Rooster

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