Rabbits Love Additions too!

When we got the kids their rabbits back in June, my sister-in-law and I built their hutch/house inside the chicken house.  I thought it would be better protected for them against predators and the weather. However, I’ve felt sorry for them that they could not enjoy the outdoors unless my children brought them out.  WeContinue reading “Rabbits Love Additions too!”

Full Bath: Part II

First, make sure you fill all those little waffle squares with mortar.  Then, add another layer on top with your trowel grooves.  Set your tile.  It’s recommended when you lay your tile out you start from the center of the room, so it appears that the tiles run under the walls.  Mr. Roots and IContinue reading “Full Bath: Part II”

Full Bath: It’s not perfect, but it’ll do!

Our full bath needed a little updating.  It’s been a slow but steady process. First, I painted the walls.  What do you think of my Mossy Gold (the green accent wall)?  To 60’s/70’s?  I know, odd, but I like it!  The main color we use throughout our house is called Dessert Floor.  They’ve got someContinue reading “Full Bath: It’s not perfect, but it’ll do!”

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