Bundle up the Baby, Let’s go out and Play!

I’m working at building our website, so please be patient but, I wanted to get a post up from this weekend.

Our family loves snow!  We couldn’t live in a better place for it either: Alaska.  We happened to get 22 inches in the 36 hours this weekend.  The kids were out past dark and were brushing the sleep out of their eyes while putting on their snow gear this morning.

We pile the snow near the end of our driveway where it tends to melt off and drain down the banks.  I bundled up the youngest and swung him onto my back and my husband and I headed outside to shovel.  Even though we have a tractor in the shop, we decided we needed the extra workout.  By Noon it was still coming down and our all our efforts looked as though they were in vain.  So, we pulled out the Kioti.  It’s just big enough it gets our small jobs done on our place and keeps us out of trouble.

The kids love to tunnel through the big mound of snow and make snow dens.  They were busy with the snow ball makers and shovels, digging their way through. I’m very surprised, but these snowball makers have lasted my boys three winters.  They are very tough on toys, so I’m glad they’ve held up. We just had to repair one of them this year.  Nothing a drill and a little wire couldn’t fix!   My husband enjoys giving his best to fix everything before determining whether it is ready to be retired or not.

I don’t know about some of you, but I love driving equipment and tractors.  Always have since I was little.  My husband has learned that it’s better to let me get it out of my system and then he takes over. We do things very differently, but always manage to get the job done.  When our turn of driving the tractor was over, Joseph and I decided to head for a walk about the place.

I love how the snow makes everything look so fresh and clean!  Like my eldest son, I could have snow year round. It’s always been a goal of my since childhood to have a team of horses and a sleigh.  Surprisingly, though I grew up in Central Oregon, I don’t do well in the heat.  I’d rather be skiing or sledding than soaking up sun on the beach.

There is also a nice hill off the side of our yard for sledding.  And when the weather is cold enough we skate on our pond.  In the summer, they spend almost all their time swimming in it.  Is there a better way or place to grow up? I don’t think so.  And I think my kids would agree!

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