4-H is Fabulous

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Friday evening, we made the hour and a half trip to turn in the kid’s educational displays for 4-H.  In order to show at fair, they are required to attend/participate in four activities which are scheduled throughout the year.  These activities provide the kids with learning opportunities to help them learn and grow to be a better person or in their project.

One of the many wonderful aspects of homeschooling, is we are able to incorporate 4-H into our curriculum.  We went to the library and found books to study about their projects and searched the internet for their educational displays.

Next year, since they will have a little more knowledge and confidence under their belts, I think we will have them attempt a public presentation!

On Saturday it was back to town again. My children and I got to spend the day learning about Junior Market Livestock, Bee Keeping, and Showmanship!  The 27th, marked the day for Rally Days.  Rally Days is an event put on yearly by our local 4-H program where the kids get to spend the day learning about different areas they are interested in through a variety of classes that are offered.  They had a blast!

4-H was a HUGE part of my husband and I’s lives growing up and are very excited we are finally in a place where we can get our children involved as well.

For those of you who don’t know about 4-H, it’s a great organization focused on helping youth to develop citizenship, leadership, responsibility and life skills.  When people think of 4-H, they typically associate it with agriculture, but today it branches out into many different avenues including healthy living, science, engineering, and technology.

The boys have decided to show pigs.  And our daughter rabbits.  This spring will be a fun adventure for us with all the new critters joining our family.

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