Hard Work & a Dip in the Hot Springs

Kids didn’t waste a minute to jump in and explore the pond.

We are spending the month of March visiting family in Eastern Oregon.  We are fortunate enough to make it down about twice a year.  The kids and I usually leave ahead of my husband and spend a couple weeks with my family and then, Mr. Roots takes two weeks of leave, we pick him up at the airport and head out to his families place.  Our system seems to work really well for us and allows us plenty of time to spend with our families.

Our vacations are unlike most.  You see, Mr. Roots and I both come from farming and ranching backgrounds, so when we go to visit the family, there is usually a long list of things for us to do when we get there.  And as all you farmers and ranchers out there know, the list and work never ends.

So here we are in the high desert.  My folks own a small spread in comparison to other places around them.  But it keeps them busy in their retirement age.  They farm a 70 acre pivot of Alfalfa and manage three other pivots adjoining their place.

Spring time, is rat time.  Rat’s as in sage rats.  There are hundreds, upon thousands of them. One of these little buggers can eat 14lbs of hay a year.  Which means 71 of these little guys can eat one 1000 pound bale.  They provide hours and hours of entertainment and are great for improving your marksmanship.

In early spring when they come out, they are hungry and there is not much grass growing yet.  Which makes it an ideal time for pest control.

My two elder sons were over the moon learning how to drive Sammie, Gramps and Grams little Suzuki Samurai which they use like a side-by-side.

The rest of the family walked back and forth the 70 acres administering the control.  I wish I had a pedometer to track how much we walked.  Gramps and I estimate a minimum of 5 miles.  Doesn’t seem like much, but I was packing the youngest who weighs 25 lbs.  My shoulders and legs were sore.  What better reward, than a dip in the hot springs!

And there just happens to be one less than 15 miles away!  Crystal Crane Hot Springs has a relaxing outdoor pond and private bathing tubs as well as overnight accommodations.  Many people and doctors believe bathing in mineral springs can have a wondrous effect on physical, mental and emotional well-being.  The kids and I spent the evening soaking our tired bodies in the 102 degree pond.  We hope to make it back one more time before we head out to my sister’s house for a visit.

Outdoor wading pond at Crystal Crane Hot Springs.


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