Are You as Agile and Fearless as this Farm Animal?

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Oh, to be as agile and fearless as a goat.

It makes sense to me why people would think goat yoga would be a good idea.  Now, I’m pretty sure it’s for the experience of being on the farm with the goats, but man, I want to be able to move like a goat!

Fun Fact: Did you know goat yoga originated in Oregon?

Goats are some of the most amazingly talented animals in the ways of movement and balance.

I used to secretly snicker to myself when people complained about turning 40. “Just wait,” they’d say. “When you turn 40, overnight you’re going to feel like you’ve aged 10 years. You’ll have aches and pains you never knew you had!”

Yah…suuuurrre.  But let me tell you!  They weren’t joking.

Last year, I turned 40. And while I’m not old, it definitely has me looking at my health and body in a new light.

It’s amazing how those little accidents you had as a kid such as, playing sports, getting dumped off a horse, or thinking just this one time, it’ll be okay to ride the hay truck back to the house, even though you’ve been told what seems like millions of time by your parents not to, and the load decides to come of the truck with you in it (Yep, that was me) comes back to visit you.

Maybe I need to take up goat yoga!

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The other day, when I was putting a bale of hay in for them, the babies thought it would be fun to tightrope walk on the twine that ties the bale together.

The twine is only ⅜ of an inch wide.

Yet, there they are, confident as can be and having a grand time.

It reminded me of the image I’ve seen across the internet of the goat on the rock cliff.  I’m sure you’ve all seen it.  No idea how he got there or how it will get down, but fearless!

I’m sure that goat never had a doubt in his mind that he couldn’t do it.  There’s been many times I would have loved to have mustered up a little of his courage.

I definitely could use a little of his courage and determination to stick to an exercise routine.  I don’t know about you, but this is something I really struggle at.

Goats also have some of the best personalities.

We have goats that like to smile, maaa back to you when you talk to them, give you the eye, LOL.

But let me tell you, they can also be a real pain in the butt.  Their fearlessness and agility makes it real hard at times to keep them in their pens. 

And when they get out, they get into everything they’re not supposed to. Kinda like a toddler who figured out how to open the pantry door and get into the bag of flour.

Our son got his first three goats as bottle babies from his Aunt, and his herd has grown from there.  Bottle babies know no boundaries because they think they are one of us.

I love watching them follow him around the pen, just as they did when they were babies.  Now, with their babies trailing behind them.

So while most people might think of a cat when it comes to being agile or a honey badger when it comes to being fearless: I think of a goat. 

What’s a quality you admire in a species of animal?

Comment or send me an email.  I’d love to hear from you!

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