Just How Many Meals CAN You Get From 1/2 a Pig?

Have you ever thought, my husband and I couldn’t possibly eat ½ a pastured pig in a year? 

When you sit down to do a little math….oh, but wait!  Let me do that for you!  You’ll be surprised at how much pork you really do eat in a year.

So…let me break it down for you without getting too complicated.

The average American eats about 52 lbs of pork a year. Mostly in the form of bacon.

Mmmm…bacon.  I have lots of bacon lovers in my family.  And who wouldn’t love more bacon?!

Okay… got a little side tracked there on the bacon.

52 lbs a year for you is only 1lb of pork a week.  Add in your husband’s share and that’s 104 lbs of bacon, oh, I mean, pork a year.

I bet now you’re thinking,

So how much meat DO you get from a ½ a pig?

+/- 65 lbs.
8 months supply of pasture pork

Now, if you’re a carnivore like me, I can tell you now, that you’re going to consume your pork a little faster.  But if you eat your meat more like you’d add a condiment to your salad, it’ll last you considerably longer.

Carnivore Portion
8 oz

Condiment Portion
2 oz

More than likely you have one of each in your household.  Which gives you the option of about 104 meals for you and your husband.

At two meals a week, ½ a pastured pork share could last you up to 1 year.

104 meals!  Yah, sure, only 104 MEALS!!  How am I going to come up with enough different meals to not be sick and tired of pork by the end of the year? 

Well, I’ve got that covered too!

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You and your husband should have no problem enjoying your great tasting pork before it starts to lose some of its freshness.

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