Our Favorite Yard Games


Summer is finally here!

Who wants to spend time indoors when there is so much fun to be had outside.

Although I prefer the cooler weather, it’s sure nice to spend the time outside.

My favorite phrase is, “you can always put more on to get warm, but you can never take enough off to get cool.”

My kids thought it was summer back in April when we had a couple 60 degree days.

They drug the stock tank down near the house and filled it up, hoping it would warm up enough for them to swim.

Around here, our stock tanks double as the swimming pool.

It is supposed to be in the 90’s the start of the week and I’m pretty sure I’ll find them splashing away.

Did you stay out till dark on summer solstice?

We did!

Not because we realized it was summer solstice, but because summer on the farm here is busy!

I was outside stacking rocks on my rock wall for my future yard and rotating the sprinkler around the garden.

There is still months of summer left, but it seems as it will blow by.

I started cutting the fields for hay on Tuesday. 

If all goes planned, we should be finished stacking the bales by the 4th of July.

It’ll be SO nice for the 4th to chill with a family BBQ and fireworks!

As soon as it gets semi-warm, the kids dig into the storage room and pull out badminton.

It’s our favorite!

We always get a good laugh when we swing and completely miss the birdie. 

We love yard games.

Try a few this summer.

Here are some of our favorites!

  • Cornhole – easy for all ages, from my three year old to my 88 year old grandma.  The goal is to get the bean bag in the hole.  We called it the bean bag toss when I was a kid and we used hula hoops as the hole.
  • Yardzee – just like Yahtzee, but with large oversized dice you get to roll across the yard.
  • Flickin’ Chicken – We haven’t played this yet, but I can only imagine the laughter coming from hurling a rubber chicken at a target.  The birds bounce and roll all over making it difficult to get them into the bullseye.
  • Wooden Toppling Tower – Giant, outdoors version of Jenga.  They even make a glow-in-the-dark version for fun into the night.
  • Croquet – an oldie but goodie!

What’s your favorite yard game?

I can’t wait to hear how you spent your fourth hanging with family and friends.

Stay cool and enjoy the summer!


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