You Gotta Have THESE Grilling Gadgets

Camping in Kodiak, Alaska

We don’t get the grill out much at home, but we sure do when we go camping or boating.

We’ve had many fun adventures with friends camping over the years.  Mostly in Kodiak, AK. 

My friend Julie and I would load our cargo trailers with all the camping gear, buckle the kids in, and take off every opportunity we got.

Hopefully, they all remembered to put shoes on.

We’d hang out on the beach or hike into the woods.

The guys would join us on the evenings or weekends.

One of my favorite memories is of Julie using a rake to handle the pots in the fire.

This was her ultimate grilling gadget.

I want you to be prepared when you plan your next adventure.

There is still plenty of time this summer try out some of these great gadgets. 

Granted, these aren’t really all gadgets, but they sure make things easier and delicious when it comes to grilling!


You’d LOVE this stainless steel grill!  It’s small and portable. But not too small. I’ve had one for years, it’s falling apart because we’ve packed it on SO many camping and boating trips over the last 20 years.   Think of the great food you can quickly cook up.  Meals will be a breeze when you throw this in the back of your pickup for the next time you head to the lake or the cabin in the mountains.

Photo courtesy of Camping World

This basket is perfect for enjoying all the wonderful fresh veggies that summer has to offer.  Just toss them with a little olive oil and season.  Don’t walk away from your grill, at 400*, it won’t be long until you’re eating.  It is lightweight and easily stores inside your grill.

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When we lived in Ketchikan, AK, we’d go boating frequently, pulling over on one of the many islands in the Inside Passage to camp.

One summer, we helped a couple build a fishing and hunting cabin.

We were camped out on the beach with porpoises surfacing out in the distance.

The HUGE tress of the Tongass National forest looming behind us.

Our friend grilled the best grilled pork chops I had ever had.

I don’t know if it was the experience or the marinade, but they were basted with a 50/50 Worcestershire sauce and bourbon mixture she had in a spray bottle.


Everyone in my family has their very own roasting stick.  Of course, mine is the pig.  These are great for both roasting a pork kielbasa and helping you get your marshmallow the perfect golden brown shade for your s’mores. I prefer to just eat the chocolate.  They telescope out and the little black doodad spins the rod without having to rotate the handle in your hand.

Photo courtesy of
#5.Tupperware Season-Serve Container:

I have two different sizes of these containers because they are so great!  The unique grid design on both sides of the container allow the marinade to travel through the container and marinade every inch of your meat or veggies.

Photo courtesy of

It’s overwhelming the options out there!  You can go for a simple dial meat thermometer to a completely wireless that sends notifications to your phone when your food is ready.  A meat thermometer can save you from torching the burgers or drying out a roast.

What adventures do you have planned this summer?

So you have a favorite grilling gadget or accessory?


INCLUDING: Instant Pot Pulled Pork Nachos

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